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Use the Power of Love to Strive and Succeed!

Develop and nurture a sense of self love and self acceptance deep within your core. Feel pure love from deep within your being and radiating out, from your body, mind, and soul, and lighting the universe.

Love is the root of our lives. It's the foundation to a healthy and happy life. The power of love gives you the strength to reach, to persist, and to succeed in your dreams and goals.

But love is a force that love starts with the self. Because if you want love in your life, If you want others to love and respect you, you must start loving, respecting, and honoring yourself first.

Using the power of self-love, you can create the happy, confident, and healthy mindset to strive and to flourish, living a blissful, purposeful, and meaningful life.


Pure love radiates from my body, mind, and soul
I accept myself completely
I accept all the love given to me
Each day I am more confident In who I am
I accept complements
I am surrounded with love
I am aware of all the power within me
I am aware that I am good enough
I am balanced
I am grateful for myself
I am exactly where I need to be
I am grateful for everything I have
My life Is a place of happiness and love
I am grateful for my life
I attract wonderful people Into my life
I have all that I want, and I want all that I have
I overflow with love, joy, and peace


from Self Love - Positive Affirmations, released February 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Delilah Helton Arizona

Motivate yourself to improve, achieve, succeed, and grow.

Self Hypnosis, Meditation, and More.

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